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Morning Afterthought

Morning comes to light the shadows on your wall

and as it does it shows no sign of her at all.

Still you feel that she is there around you in the air,

her spirit haunting you at dawn

so when the night is gone

and then your eyes might tell you that you're wrong,

you yawn.

Day will rise and wake the dreamers from their sleep.

You rub your eyes but you're still caught up in a dream.

You remember that she had a smile to make you sad

as if the light belonged to her

and where the shadows were,

you stood alone, forgotten in a blur

for sure.

Wake your soul and maybe rub your eyes again.

Turn and roll. Turn around and look ahead.

Leave the dream of her behind.

You won't change her mind no matter how you try and try.

You're just wasting time

and she already said it to you twice:


The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 8/12/18 - click here to watch that video.

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