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Lemon Car

When you were just a lad of ten, your father said, in part,

"Come here and take a lesson from a lovely lemon car.

Don't put your faith in wheels, my boy, or someday you might learn,

that you can spend a lot on them and still, they might not turn."

Lemon car, very pretty, and it costs you quite a lot

but when you want it to go somewhere, the lemon car, it might not.

Lemon car, it's so expensive, it keeps on sucking you

but sometimes the lemon car can be impossible to move.

One day next to a lemon car, the beauty of its shine

got you to hear the salesman pitch and then you did the buy.

When you paid the down payment and got in the lemon car

the music of the engine hid your father's words at the start.

Lemon car, very pretty, and . . .

One day when you turned the key, the engine wouldn't run

and sitting in the driver's seat, you knew what you had done.

You couldn't get it going, it's a common tale but true.

You're sadder now but wiser as your father's words come back to you.

Lemon car, very pretty, and . . .

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 4/18/20 - click here to watch that video. Dave recently updated these parody lyrics for his January 2023 SoundCloud release so the rough cut video has different words than what appears here now.

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