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As Long as Merle is Still Haggard

Now Pam Tillis, the truth now,

what happened to Johnny's Cash

'cause Travis gets kind of Randy sometimes, you know?

And does Reba Mcentire-ly too much

and should George Strait-en her out if that's so?

Because as long as Merle is still Haggard,

as long as Charley still has his Pride,

as long as Willie is still willin'

and Waylon keeps on wailin'

then I guess country music will do all right.

Should Patti Loveless when Wynona, she's Judd fine

and Dolly, beg your Parton, puts up a good front?

And Dwight was only Yoakam

when he said Eddie's Rabbit died

but after what Hollie Dunn

you should have Tanya Tucker up.

Because as long as Merle is still Haggard...

Sing about mama and trucks

and going to the cheain' side of town.

The more things change, the more they don't

and country's good for one more round.

So I think Aaron's been Tippin a few

and Garth is one for the Brooks

and Billy Ray's achy-breaking all the way to the bank.

And would Joe know the Diffie

when Alabama is in such a state

that if it weren't for Williams, Jr.

you wouldn't know who to Hank?

But as long as Merle is still Haggard...

You can find the song video for this track here, and you can get this track from Amazon here.

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